DialMate® Network

WoodTel, Inc.     7 Brooks Place, Pacifica, CA 94044 U.S.A.       Phone # (650)738-1655,        Fax # (650)738-1634

DialMate® ATA

® ATA is FCC and CE approved. It is pre-configured and ready to use.

Product Dimensions
:  4” x 3-3/4” x 1”

Weight:  5 ounces

DialMate ATA comes with:

  • one 5 VDC adapter
  • one Ethernet cable
  • instruction manual

Price:  $65 (pre-configured ATA)

Membership Fee:  $ 2.00/device/mo.

Terms and Conditions:

30 day money back guarantee


Don't use your phone without it!

To order, contact:

WoodTel, Inc.
7 Brooks Place
Pacifica, CA 94044  USA

Tel: 1-(650) 738-1655
Fax: 1-(650) 738-1634


WoodTel, Inc.

Join the DialMate® Network and Call Anybody Anywhere in the World Unlimited For Free or at  Local Rates and Have All Calls Follow You!

iPhone, iPad, Android Phone, Android Tablet, LapTop and Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA) Compatible! Eliminate Long Distance, Air Time, Roaming, Incoming and Outgoing Call Charges on Your Mobile Device!

If you have a smart phone iPhone 3gs or later model, iPad, Android phone, or Android tablet that can download free soft phones (3CXphone or Zoiper softphone), or premium service i.e., Bria by Counterpath, you can join the DialMate® network. You can also buy a pre-configured Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA) from WoodTel for $65 and install it in your home, office or any country you would like to call unlimited (see above connection diagram). The ATA will have two extensions, one for the connected telephone and one to bridge to the connected landline (this will allow you to call any country unlimited for free or at local rates). From your smart phone or tablet (anywhere in the world where there is wifi or 4g) you can call the first extension which will ring the connected phone or the second extension which will bridge to the connected landline and be able to call any number locally. Once on the network, your smart phone and the telephone connected to the ATA can also call directly USA and Canadian numbers for free using Google Voice*. Your smart phone or tablet will also have its own extension number so that all extension to extension calls are free.


  • Works with ATA’s, smart phones, computers, laptops, and tablets

  • Google Voice* and other VoIP service support

  • Free caller ID, call forwarding, 3-way calling, call transfer and video calling

  • Free call bridge to bypass telephone company domestic and international charges

  • Free calls to USA and Canada from anywhere in the world using Google Voice*

  • Free DialMate® to Dialmate® calls anywhere in the world

  • Free roaming, incoming and outgoing smart phone and tablet calls

  • Eliminate cellular voice subscription

  • No SIM card required on smart phones

  • Fax support

  • Mifi compatible (see free mifi provider FreedomPop or subscribe to Sprint, Virgin or Clear)

  • Free device configuration by Woodtel.

  • High quality VoIP technology

System Requirements

  • Broadband internet connection (Ethernet, Wifi or 4g)

  • Internet router for ATA and Wifi application

  • Analog corded or cordless telephone for ATA application

  • Smart phone, laptop or tablet for mobile application

  • Gmail* email address and password

Set-Up and Operation

  • Connect the WoodTel pre-configured ATA to your router or directly to your modem via ethernet

  • Connect the analog telephone to the ATA “Phone” port

  • Connect the land line to the ATA “Line” port

  • Connect the AC adapter output to the ATA “Power” port and the adapter to a 100-240 VAC outlet

  • Lift telephone hand set and check for dial tone

  • For DialMate® to DialMate® calls, dial 1st extension number

  • For USA and Canada calls, always dial 1 before the area code and number

  • For call bridging, dial 2nd extension number, wait for 3 beeps, enter PIN, hear dial tone and then dial the destination number as if calling from the bridged landline

  • For out-of-network (from landlines and ordinary non-smart) reverse calling, call bridged landline, hear 3 beeps, enter PIN, hear dial tone and then dial extension number or USA/Canadian number

Smart Phone, Computer, Lap Top and Tablet Configuration

  • For smart phones and tablets, download soft phone (3CX, Zoiper or Bria) from the device’s app store. For computers and lap tops, download soft phone application from the internet

  • Configure device in accordance with instructions in the WoodTel website Device Configuration

* Google Voice and Gmail are Google trademarks


7 Brooks Place, Pacifica, CA 94044 U.S.A.
Phone # (650)738-1655,   Fax # (650)738-1634