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BASKING RIDGE, N.J. - AT&T today announced AT&T Unlimited, a revolutionary new way for consumers to use long distance. 

This unique service enables AT&T residential long distance subscribers to place an unlimited number of long distance calls from home to all other AT&T residential long distance customers in the United States and talk as long as they want, any time they want - all for one low monthly fee of $19.95. All other domestic direct-dialed calls they place are priced at just 7 cents per minute. 

"Imagine the convenience of placing calls any time you want without worrying about how long you talk or how much it will cost," said Betsy Bernard, president and CEO of AT&T Consumer. "With over 50 million subscribers and nationwide availability, we're leveraging our strength to 'change the game' in long distance service and provide our customers an innovative offer that we're sure they will love." 

AT&T Unlimited is not just another residential long distance calling plan. Subscribers don't need to worry themselves with pre-determined buckets of minutes, or with the time of day or day of week that they call. There are no per-call charges, per-minute charges, roaming charges or gimmicks like connection fees when calling other AT&T residential subscribers. The plan's $19.95 monthly fee simply includes all direct dialed calls placed from an AT&T Unlimited customer's home telephone to the residential home phones of any and all other AT&T residential long distance subscribers, regardless of how long people talk. 

"Since AT&T has over 50 million residential long-distance customers, far more than any other company, there's a fairly good chance that calls to your friends and relatives will be included. And if they're not already AT&T residential customers, just ask them to switch," said Bernard. "This is a great way for our customers to stay in touch with the important people in their lives, and talk about what really matters without worrying about running up a big bill. 

"We're creating the largest telephone calling community in the nation, where membership has unlimited benefits," she added. "Consumers who make even a moderate number of long-distance calls each month will be hard pressed to find a better deal anywhere." 

AT&T Unlimited can be ordered immediately in all 50 states. Due to billing issues and other reasons, consumers served by AT&T Broadband telephony and some consumers served by independent telephone companies will not be eligible to receive this offer. For more information and to enroll, call AT&T at 1-800-REACH OUT. Effective Friday, consumers also can enroll by visiting AT&T on the Internet at http://www.att.com/. 
DialMate® Application

Combine the above offer with the AT&T Wireless Family Plan or Cingular Wireless Loyalty Plan (using Call Bridge), or the Nextel or Cricket Free Incoming Calls Plan (using Call Back) and you will have unlimited cell phone airtime and long distance anytime all the time.

Helena, MT, March 6, 2002 (The Digest) - MWI Announces, through their consortium of national providers, ICallSMARTsm offers long distance users a long awaited flat rate alterative. 

In 1999, MWI (More Wire Inc.) began its quest to deliver the Nations first flat rate IP long distance service that possessed the necessary quality and functionality to induce mass-market adoption. The bold initiative now recognized in the industry as ICallSMARTsm, defies preexisting barriers effectively delivering flat rate toll quality long distance changing the minds of many cynics and winning over anxious consumers. 

An unprecedented alternative, ICallSMARTsm offers subscriber's unlimited long distance to anywhere in all fifty U.S. States and Canada from their existing home or business phone for one all-inclusive monthly access fee. What is even more intriguing, is the Company's "low entry" reseller participation program where ISPs, LECs and investors alike, can become ICallSMARTsm "Local Area Providers" taking advantage of the company's extreme market differentiation, extensive private voice network, and expertise in the IP Telephony industry. 

Since the company's inaugural push to identify progressive affiliates one year ago, ICallSMARTsm is now available in thirty states and mounting fast. Local area providers are ramping up consistently as they are finding that ICallSMARTsm delivers the quality and simplicity they have long been awaiting. 

Allan Shepard, the company's Executive Vice President said, "Companies that still try and explain VoIP technology to their customers, do so in an attempt to justify inferior quality and functionality. We just don't have to; we simply offer a digital long distance solution over subscribers existing telephones at 0 cents a minute." One such subscriber says, "It's the first time I have found a product that allows me to cut costs without cutting corners." Another simply stated, "I love not having to watch the clock to control my long distance bill." When asked what they appreciate most, ICallSMARTsm subscribers unanimously agree it is the value and peace of mind of a fixed low monthly flat rate.
While it is obvious that customer satisfaction has high marks, the Company is dedicated to adding continued value for their customer's with aggressive network expansion plans to include as many as fifteen European Countries for flat rate termination by mid 2002 as well as, the delivery of other cost effective communications services in the near future. 

With an average residential monthly access fee of around $40 for unlimited long distance to the U.S. and Canada and generous reseller participation program, many feel MWI offers the most cost effective and advantageous entry in to the exciting Telephony industry for those who wish to participate. 
Company: More Wire Inc. 
Contact: Steve Shelley 
Website: www.morewire.com 
Phone: 877.594.9700 
Email: sshelley@morewire.com
DialMate® Application
Attention AT&T Wireless Family Plan, Cingular Wireless Loyalty Plan, Nextel and Cricket subscribers: Use the above unlimited long distance with your cell phone and you will have unlimited airtime calling to anywhere in the USA and Canada.

Save a Ton of Money on Calls
Source: San Francisco Chronicle

June 18, 2001 (The Digest) - Ever notice on the "X-Files" that when Scully dialed Mulder's cell phone he answered promptly regardless of his location? 
"Where are you?" she would say as she stood in the autopsy room, staring down at something that just shouldn't be. 
"I'm in a UFO over Zurich," he'd reply. 
That's pure science fiction, of course. His cell phone wouldn't work in Zurich.  

If you, like many, find freedom from phones to be one of traveling's great rewards, you can stop reading right here. But cell phones can be a traveler's best friend (they have an off switch, after all). Regrettably, standard consumer models don't work overseas, and most alternatives are painfully pricey.  

Here's the good news:
You can buy a specialized, but inexpensive, cell phone to receive calls for free almost anywhere in the world, and to dial the United States from abroad at just pennies a minute. Before I tell you how, let's look at your other options. 

The problem is that the European, Asian and African cellular system - called GSM - operates on different frequencies than American phones (which employ a hodgepodge of incompatible technologies). Some American cellular services, like Sprint, will work in parts of Mexico and Puerto Rico. Otherwise, you can't use your own phone overseas unless you are a Nextel customer, and odds are that you aren't. Nextel - representing the high end of cellular service - sells mostly to corporate clients. 

Nextel services cost more (and deliver more, like a walkie-talkie function). For that reason, the company does not market aggressively to individual cell phone users. Anyone can sign up, though (800-639- 8359; www.nextel.com). Nextel's global reception works with only one phone model: the i2000plus, currently on sale for $199.  

AT&T and Verizon can provide overseas phones (for $395 to $800) programmed with the same number as your home cell phone (but usable only abroad).  

They're all budget-busters: With Nextel, calls range from 99 cents a minute (from Europe) to $5.99 (from Cambodia). AT&T charges a flat rate of $1.99 a minute anywhere in the world. Verizon costs $1.49 a minute, plus long-distance charges. Anyone dialing your regular mobile number will reach you abroad - but you'll shell out dollars- per-minute for those calls, too.  

These are perfect plans if you want to retain your everyday cell phone number on foreign travels and don't mind paying a premium for the privilege.  

Much cheaper ways to call home from abroad abound: Prepaid phone cards, for example. But there's an obvious benefit to toting a cell phone on your foreign trip: Your co-workers and loved ones can reach you immediately if the need arises.  

To obtain that advantage, without an expensive buy-in, consider the rental alternative: Nextel rents its worldwide phones to travelers for $10 a day, plus the considerable cost of each call. For details, phone (800) 639-8359 or check the Web at www.nextel.com and click on "Nextel Worldwide." AT&T (800-888-7600) rents overseas phones for rates ranging from $39 a week to $60 for three months. Verizon (800-387-6835) GSM phones go for $75 for the first week, $150 for a month. Tack on one-time activation fees, monthly service fees and the price of the calls, and you're still talking real money.
(You might cut the cost significantly if you're planning to rent a car in another country. Ask if the agency - like many American car rental outfits - can provide you with a cell phone, as well.) 

The real trick is to combine the low-cost benefit of a calling card with the convenience and security of a cell phone. To understand how this is possible, you must know two key differences between overseas and American cell phone systems.
Foreign cell phones do not come with numbers programmed into them. Customers activate their phones by popping in so-called SIM cards - little devices ranging in size from a postage stamp to a credit card. To "charge" your SIM card, you buy prepaid time at tobacco shops, pharmacies, gas stations and kiosks almost everywhere abroad. 

In many countries (including all European nations), cell phone users pay only for outgoing calls. (In the United States, we're charged for incoming as well.)  

So you need an inexpensive GSM phone and a SIM card for the country you're visiting. You can purchase the phone for as little as $99.99 at a Bay Area company called Planet Omni (1480 Wharton Way, Concord, CA 94521; phone: 925-246-7103; fax: 925-686-9968; Web: www.planetomni.com; e-mail: info@buyundercost.com).  

SIM cards will shrink the cost of calls back home, according to Ken Grunski, who sells them through a company called Telestial (he also sells inexpensive GSM phones). Prices can run as low as 17 cents a minute from Australia to the United States, or 15 cents a minute from England. Elsewhere in Europe, per-minute costs to the United States range from 63 cents to $1.74. Calls from Asia and Africa are comparable. (Contact: Telestial, 4689 Mission Blvd., San Diego, CA 92109; phone: 858-274-2686; fax: 858-274-2757; Web: www.telestial.com; e-mail: moreinfo@telestial.com.) 

Remember that incoming calls are free. Since America has the world's cheapest overseas dialing rates (under 20 cents a minute to many European countries), family and friends can afford to phone you any time.  

Mary Hillabrand, who owns a San Francisco court reporter firm, once rented a cell phone on a trip to Greece and ran up a $500 bill at $2 a minute. For her next trip, she bought a phone and SIM card from Telestial - and payed 63 cents per minute to call home. Hillabrand plans to get another SIM card for her upcoming trip to Australia.  

Even a great deal like hers can be improved. Here's how: 
Before heading overseas with your cell phone and your SIM card, sign up for a "callback" program. These enable you to bypass the carrier in the country you are visiting; you pay only for point-to- point calls within the United States.  

Want to phone your sister from a wine bar on the Rhine? Start by dialing a U.S. phone number provided by your callback service. After one or two rings, you hang up. Because you didn't connect, you are not charged. About a minute later, your cell phone jangles. Upon answering, you hear a U.S. dial tone. Punch in your sister's area code and phone number, just like you do at home. Here's the best part: Because this is an incoming call to your cell phone, it counts as a freebie. You will be billed by the callback company at a lower domestic rate. I checked out a callback firm called CogniDial (on the Web at cognidial.com) and found that a 15-minute call from France would cost $1.95 at 13 cents a minute.-- Stanford travel program 

Last week we reported that the excellent travel programs sponsored by the Stanford Alumni Association are open to university alumni, their families, parents of students and university donors. Duncan Beardsley, program director, reports that others can join in for a fee of $75 per person. For trip details, check their Web site: www.stanfordalumni.org.

DialMate® Application
There is no reason for travelers to rent cell phones while traveling abroad. Nor do they need the services of US wireless companies. All they need is an unlocked tri-band phone and a pre-paid sim card which is usually available in the US or their place of destination. Instead of using international call back services whose rates are more expensive than US outbound rates, you can install DialMate in your home or office and use its call back function. You will have free roaming and free air time all the time and get the cheapest long distance rates while traveling abroad. In addition, through DialMate, you can forward all your home or office calls to your cell phone wherever you may be and at the cheapest long distance rates and free airtime.  When using US wireless services, you pay a premium for both incoming and outgoing calls plus outrageous long distance rates.

Free Or Much Cheaper Directory Assistance For Mobile Phone Users

Despite the price of directory assistance, millions of people dial 411 every day, paying upwards of 75 cents per call simply to obtain a telephone number. Directory assistance is information, pure and simple. People are hungry for information and prove it by making those calls and by spending their valuable time each time on the Internet searching electronic yellow pages or other sources. Guess who is among the most information-starved? Wireless phone users. They're on the go with minimal access to information.

DialMate® Application

Using DialMate’s call bridge function, mobile phone users can call their office or home to call directory assistance, which allows a number of free calls per month and minimal charges thereafter. For those who have unlimited free calling to their office or home phone, the directory assistance call could be totally free.

Broadview Gives "No Limits" to Customers in New York 

By Liz Montalbano 
Posted on: 11/24/1999 
Broadview Networks (www.broadviewnet.com), an ICP serving the Northeast, has announced a service plan for residents in New York that offers a flat-rate package for local, regional and long distance calling and Internet access.

The Broadview No Limits plan is priced at $29.95 per month and currently is available for residents of New York, Long Island and Westchester and Rockland counties. According to the company, this price for all service is 55 percent less than the equivalent services from ILEC Bell Atlantic Corp. (www.bellatlantic.com) or AT&T Corp. (www.att.com) if they are purchased on an à-la-carte basis.

Vern M. Kennedy, president and CEO of the Long Island City, N.Y.-based company, says the user-friendly plan is long overdue for New York customers.

"New Yorkers have always wanted easy, unlimited local calling plans," Kennedy said in a press statement. "Broadview No Limits goes beyond local to provide the most comprehensive package of affordable calling and Internet services."

The No Limits plan provides the following services in one package: local dial tone; unlimited local calling; unlimited dial-up Internet access; up to 300 minutes of free regional calling per month, with subsequent usage billed at 5 cents per minute; and state-to-state long distance calling for 7 cents per minute all day, every day.

DialMate® Application

Here is another opportunity New York businesses should not pass up. Installing DialMate in a residential line and doing call back to their business lines will give them unlimited local calling (if business line is within local calling of residential line), 300 minutes of regional calling and/or 7 cents per minute of state to state long distance. Imagine how much money you can save each month if your business line is connected to the internet the whole day everyday plus the free local/regional calls and low cost long distance. 

Dialpad.com Registers 500,000 Members in First Month

Free Web-to-Phone Service With One-Click-Calling(TM) Catches on Like Wildfire 

SAN JOSE, Calif., Nov. 22 /PRNewswire/ -- Dialpad.com, Inc., the Internet's first free, Java-based Web-to-phone service, today announced its rapid membership sign-up and adoption rate of 500,000 members in the first month since it went live Oct. 18, 1999.  With the Company's first mainstream consumer service, registered members are able to call any phone number in the U.S. for free from their Web browser.  Company statistics show average daily session per member is 16.91 minutes with an average duration per call of 4.27 minutes.  Over 14.2 million minutes have been used by members in the first month with average banner ad impressions reaching 2 million per day. 

The Company has spent the last two years developing proprietary, patent-pending Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology and combined it with a simple, user-friendly Java applet on top of GTE Internetworking's private fiber network backbone to form the basis for Dialpad.com's service. 

Numerous market forecasts show that VoIP is going to explode and change many aspects of communications.  According to market research data by IDC, IP telephony service revenue is expected to reach $480 million in 1999.  Revenue is forecast to increase at a compound annual growth rate of 108% to reach nearly $19 billion in 2004.  Total 1998 IP Telephony market size was 310 million minutes.  This is projected to grow to 2.7 billion minutes at the end of 1999.  IDC forecasts that IP telephony minutes will nearly triple in 2000 to reach 9.6 billion, and reach 135 billion minutes by 2004. 

"Dialpad.com has a unique angle in the VoIP space -- they are the first mover in combining an easy-to-use Java applet, with the convenience of a free service on top of GTEi's private network backbone," said Mark Winther, vice president of worldwide telecommunications at IDC.  We think they're going to grab a large market share of VoIP minutes in the coming year." 

Dialpad.com has a multi-pronged business model and strategy to generate revenues.  Advertising, with 30-second rotating banners, anchor tenancy buttons, and a 3-second audio segment before every call will be the largest revenue generators.  In addition, up-front licensing fees for service integration with other Web sites will help drive the Internet's first One-Click-Calling feature.  Select portals, communities, e-commerce, yellow page and new media sites can now be enabled through a relatively simple customized development process as part of Dialpad.com's licensing programs. 

"We have an elegantly simple model," said Dr. Hyunduk Ahn, CEO of Dialpad.com.  Members sign-up and download a simple applet in minutes, and start making free long-distance phone calls from the Web browser instantly. This follows the same path of free email, only its much more pervasive, especially when we throw a global switch sometime next year." 

How DialPad.com Works 

The Dialpad.com service is enabled via a small, 160 Kbyte Java applet, which is activated when a member logs on.  The Dialpad.com applet provides complete convenience and simplicity when a member is engaged in an Internet session. 

Dialpad.com's proprietary, patent-pending Split-323 architecture(TM) divides the VoIP technology into two pieces:  a small, thin client applet, and a server-based module that seamlessly manages the call control process through the Company's scalable server network.  Within Dialpad.com, users interact with a standard telephone keypad metaphor, from which they dial and complete calls.  In the background, a Dialpad.com server contacts one of GTE Internetworking's Internet telephony gateways, allowing the call to be initiated.  The call is then placed, and members partake in conversation through a PC's microphone/speaker or headset to another PC or traditional phone line.

DialMate® Application

Installing DialMate on a telephone line in the United States, callers from other countries can bridge their dialpad.com VOIP calls to the US with any US switched network to call other countries. Calls to some countries in Europe and Hong Kong could be as low as 5 cents per minute (plus Viatel's monthly fee). 

Viatel to Offer Calls at 5 Cents a Minute Among Eight Countries

Geneva, Oct. 11 (Bloomberg) -- Viatel Inc., which is buying U.S. long-distance phone company Destia Communications Inc., said it will offer domestic and international calls for 5 cents a minute from the U.S., Canada and six European countries. 

The service will start Jan. 1 for both business and residential customers in the U.S., Canada, Belgium, France, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland and the U.K. The rate will apply to calls within or to any of those countries, plus Hong Kong and Sweden, at any time of the day -- after customers pay a flat monthly fee. 

New York-based Viatel is buying Destia for about $956 million in stock and assumed debt to gain its rival's customers and expand its network. The combined company, which will have 500,000 customers in Western Europe, may introduce new flat rates for data communications in the future. 

Viatel and Destia are ``revolutionizing the way voice services are priced,'' Viatel Chief Executive Michael Mahoney said in a statement released at the Telecom '99 conference in Geneva. He said data and other services that use a lot of network capacity may be next to have their prices cut.. 

Customers who want to take advantage of the new rate will have to pay $25 a month for 1,000 minutes at the $0.05 per minute rate, $50 for 2,000 minutes, and $100 for 4,000 minutes. Corporate rates are also available, the company said. 

MCIWorldCom Inc. also has a 5 cents-a-minute plan, which is only good for evenings and weekend calls within the U.S. AT&T Corp. offers a 7 cents-a-minute plan for interstate calls anytime. Both charge monthly fees. 

Dominant Dutch phone company Royal KPN NV, which has some of the lowest rates in Europe after regulators repeatedly forced it to cut rates, charges about 9 cents a minute to the U.S. and as much as 15 cents a minute to call Sweden after a monthly fee. 

Deutsche Telekom AG, Europe's largest phone company, charges 26 cents a minute 24 hours a day to the U.S., Canada and most European countries. 

Viatel and Paramus, New Jersey-based Destia said they still expect their merger to be complete by year's end. 

DialMate® Application

For those companies and individuals from other countries that frequently call the countries mentioned above, all they have to do is install DialMate in any of those eight countries and use the call back feature. Residents of Hong Kong and Sweden would benefit most since maximum rate of their calls to those countries would be 10 cents per minute (plus the monthly fee).
For those with multimedia PCs, they can download   the applet of   www.dialpad.com     and use VOIP for the first leg of the call (using the call bridge feature) and the Viatel switched network for the second leg.

AT&T Lowers Rates

Basking Ridge, NJ, Sept. 1, 1999 (DLD Digest) - AT&T today announced two new offers that will make communications simpler and more affordable for consumers: a long distance plan with a single low per-minute price good all day, every day, and a wireless program that gives families unlimited calling to each other.

``Life is hectic; communicating should be easy,’’ said Gene Lockhart, president of AT&T consumer services. ``With this kind of value, there’s no need to watch the clock or dial around.’’

The new long distance offer, AT&T One Rate® 7 Cents, lets consumers make interstate long distance calls from home anytime—day or night—for seven cents a minute with a monthly fee of $4.95 if the company also handles their residential local toll calls. If not,the monthly fee is $5.95.

The wireless offer, AT&T Family Plan, enables up to five family members to make unlimited wireless calls to each other and unlimited wireless calls to their landline phone at home when they call within their Family Calling Area and purchase one of several options for wireless calling.

``We want to extend the freedom of wireless calling to every family member,’’ said Dan Hesse, president of AT&T Wireless Services. ``No other wireless carrier offers this kind of value to today’s families.’’

AT&T One Rate 7 Cents

AT&T said the freedom to call anytime at a low rate is a big draw for consumers. Its research shows one third of all consumer long distance calling occurs between 7 a.m.  and 7 p.m. weekdays, when competing plans charge rates as high as 25 cents a minute.

The company pioneered simple pricing with the introduction of AT&T One Rate for residential landline calling, and AT&T Digital One Rate for wireless calling. More than 23 million AT&T consumer customers are currently subscribed to one of AT&T’s One Rate plans.

The company said it was able to introduce this offer due to current and major anticipated reductions in access fees from the Federal Communications Commission— the costs long distance companies pay to local telephone monopolies to complete a call. AT&T has always passed on savings from access reductions to consumers.

Consumers can enroll by calling 1-800-4-ONE RATE or accessing AT&T Online Customer Service at http://www.att.com.

AT&T Family Plan

The Family Plan is designed to keep family members connected even when they’re not together. Its unique feature is that family members can make unlimited wireless calls to each other and to their home telephone anytime, as long as they’re within their Family Calling Area. This gives them the ability to stay in touch and coordinate their activities as they move around town.

Plan members can receive these benefits by selecting one of three wireless calling options:  60 minutes of non-family calling for $24.99 a month 400 minutes of non-family calling for $49.99 a month 600 minutes of non-family calling for $69.99 a month.

The minutes included in the packages are designed for calls to non-plan members and are in addition to the unlimited calling features of the Family Plan program.

The Family Calling Area is the geographic area where families typically live, work, commute and play on a regular basis. At least one member must choose either the $49.99 or the $69.99 plan and all members must have Digital multi-network phones.

As an added bonus, the family will also receive a seven-cent rate on domestic interstate long distance calls from their home phone with no additional monthly fee.

The plan makes it easy to stay in touch throughout the day with all the benefits of wireless communication, including safety, security and the ability to coordinate hectic schedules while on the go.

AT&T Family Plan is available tomorrow in most AT&T Wireless Services markets. It will be available in New York and newly acquired AT&T Wireless Services markets by the end of the year. Interested consumers can call 1-800-IMAGINE for more details.

DialMate® Application

This is a very interesting AT&T offer that anybody signing up for this plan should take advantage of. By installing DialMate on their home land line, cell phone users, calling within their roaming area,  can make unlimited air time calls to anywhere using DialMate’s call bridge function. And if the user also subscribes to a flat rate long Distance service, e.g., USA Talks (see usatalks.com), cost of unlimited calls would  be just the cost of subscription to the two plans. A similar plan was also offered by Pacific Bell Wireless to their original PCS subscribers.

BT Cellnet To Launch Flat Rate Across Europe

LONDON, June 1, 1999. Britain's second biggest mobile telephone company, said on Tuesday the launch next month of its new One Rate package will make it the first UK mobile network to offer a flat rate across Europe. 

"Over five million people travel to western Europe on business every year and are faced by a maze of potential call charges," said Managing Director Peter Erskine in a statement. 

"One Rate removes variation and confusion because you know what you are going to be charged. We will be rolling out One Rate to other European countries," he said. 

BT Cellnet, which is 60 percent owned by British Telecommunications Plc, said One Rate would provide calls made across 14 European countries or back to the UK at any time of day for 34p per minute, excluding VAT. 

Calls made from the UK to 31 European countries would cost 17p per minute, excluding VAT, which would also be the per minute rate to receive a call while roaming in these countries and to calls made to fixed lines and other BT Cellnet mobiles within the UK. 

The company said the package had been made possible by a combination of an advanced BT Cellnet Sim card and a customised Nokia <NOK1V.HE> 6150 phone. 

BT's shares were up 4.4 percent or 46p to 10.86 pounds at 1055 GMT.

DialMate® Application

This is a typical call back application wherein the user installs DialMate in their office in the UK and programming the call back number to their cell phone. This way the user, while roaming in Europe, can trigger call back and communicate with anybody within their office, toll free area or toll free numbers in the UK for half the price of a direct call. 

IDT Unveils New Version of Net2Phone

Net2Phone 9.0 launched today; enables quicker installation, more efficient.

HACKENSACK, NJ—December 2, 1998 - IDT’s (NASDAQ: IDTC) Net2Phone today unveiled its completely redesigned version of Net2Phone, the first PC-to-phone service. The new 32-bit version, called Net2Phone 9.0, downloads 30% faster than previous version, installs considerably more quickly than its predecessor, and takes up less space in the computer.

New features of Net2Phone 9.0 include:

New compact graphical user interface 
Ability to push web pages from customer service center 
Full multilingual integration, supporting seven languages 
Up to 100 programmable speed-dial 
Ability to store Net2Phone in system tray for faster start-up 
Faster performance 
Ability to recharge their Net2Phone account directly from the client (Previously, users were only able to check the status of their account in from the client, but had to re-charge their account on the web site. Now there is no need to open a browser to recharge. The web site can now be used to retrieve call history.)

Additionally, Net2Phone 9.0 enables improved speech quality and a streamlined user interface with a cell phone-like appearance. Until now, Net2Phone was only available in a 16-bit version, restricting new developments and flexibility within the application. For example, now call centers (including the Net2Phone customer support center) will be able to push web pages to the client in order to facilitate easier e-commerce and call center support. 

"This new platform enables Net2Phone to further improve the quality of IP Telephony. The addition of exciting and powerful new functionality as well as the overall friendliness of our implementation, will assure that Net2Phone will be on every busy user’s desktop," said David Greenblatt, Chief Operating Officer of Net2Phone. 

Net2Phone is IDT’s pioneer Internet telephony product, enabling computer users around the world to place telephone calls over the Internet to any telephone around the world at significantly reduced rates. Introduced first in July 1996, more than 1,000,000 users have placed telephone calls using IDT’s proprietary PC-to-phone technology. Companies such as IBM Global Services (NYSE: IBM), Yahoo! (NASDAQ: YHOO), Excite (NASDAQ: XCIT), and Creative Labs (NASDAQ: CREAF) either bundle or resell Net2Phone PC services to their customer base. Users can download Net2Phone PC free at http://www.net2phone.com. 

IDT is a leading emerging multinational carrier that combines its position as an international telecommunications operator, its experience as an Internet service provider and its leading position in Internet telephony to provide a broad range of telecommunications services to its wholesale and retail customers worldwide. The company provides its customers with integrated and competitively priced international and domestic long distance, pre-paid calling cards, Internet access and, through its Net2Phone product offerings, Internet telephony services including Net2Phone Direct, Net2Fax, and Click2Talk. For more information about IDT’s Internet telephony services, please visit http://www.net2phone.com. 

Except for historical information, all of the expectations and assumptions contained in the foregoing are forward-looking statements involving risks and uncertainties. Important factors that could cause actual results to differ materially from such forward-looking statements, include, but are not limited to, the competitive environment for Internet telephony, changes of rates of all related telco rates and services, legislation that may affect the Internet Telephony industry, IDT ‘s ability to operate the services described on a large scale commercial level. For additional information regarding these and other risks associated with the Company’s business refer to the Company’s reports filed with the SEC.

DialMate® Application

This offer is a great opportunity for businesses and individuals residing in countries where Call Back is banned. They can use the Net2Phone system to trigger a call back (through the Internet) for free and without being detected by their local phone company. This makes the Call Back call perfectly legal. 

How is it done? Simply download the Net2Phone software (available in our home page). Get a Net2Phone account and install DialMate in any telephone line in the USA (you do not need a Net2Phone account if installing in an 800 or toll-free number in the USA). Shop for the lowest USA outbound and/or domestic rates (normally about 60% cheaper than international call back provider rates). Call DialMate through the Internet using Net2Phone. Hang up after one ring (your Net2Phone or toll-free account doesn’t get charged for uncompleted calls). You will now get an immediate call back without being detected by your phone company. 

More News From Flat-rate Front Lines:

** AT&T Canada's Dime Time residential plan now caps charges for off-peak Canada calls at $20/month; other Canadian and all U.S. calls are 20 cents/minute. AT&T also offers a 5% pre-authorized payment discount and an Aeroplan Miles bonus.

** BC Tel's No Limits Canada caps charges for 10 cents/minute off-peak Canada calls at $20; other Canadian and all U.S. calls are 22 cents/minute.

** MTS' First Rate Unlimited charges Manitoba customers 9 cents (Saturdays) and 10 cents (Sundays and evenings) to a maximum of $19.95; off-peak calling card calls are 10 cents (Canada) and 20 cents (U.S.).

** Telus says its Your Way Unlimited flat-rate LD plan signed up 25,000 Alberta customers in its first week. Sixty percent transferred from other long distance companies.

DialMate® Application

Within their roaming area, mobile phone users can use DialMate's call bridge function for free long distance calling during off peak hours.  Individuals and companies could also install DialMates on the east and west coasts of the country and use call back to extend  their free long distance calls because of the three hour time  difference. 

Note: Businesses who need to access the Internet most of the time can save a bundle by installing DialMate in a residential line (where the company is within its local or toll free area)  and use the call back function to escape the measured rate charges typically imposed on business lines.

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